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Our Philosophy


Our philosophy is to offer the highest level of service to our associates. Tourism ranks highly on our country’s listings and as such we are dependent on it. In simple words it is the service that our country exports. The tourism sector can be affected by many internal and external factors and those who are directly involved need to find a balance between cost effectiveness and a high level of service.


We have the solution for any problems that your hotel may encounter. We have both the expertise and proven successful experience and above all the willpower, because in the world of hospitality if you don’t have the will you won’t get any results. We can tailour make solutions in accordance with your requirements, long term solutions that will ensure success.


We believe to the Greek hospitality and happy Staff.


For us there are no guests just friends and we have to be the hosts.  


Thank you


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Ioannidis Constantinos



email :: cost-ioa@otenet.gr

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