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Constantinos Ioannidis graduated from Higher Education Hotel & Gastromy School in Munich, Germany, with a master’s from Liverpool, England in the area of tourist development, and in Greece he graduated in marketing & advertising.

Constantinos’ experience comprises of internationally reknown hotels such as Hilton, Starwood, Kempinski, Grecotel, Princess Cruises & Travel Dynamic Cruises in both Greece & abroad. He has worked at all levels within the hotel business starting with the lowest positions.
He has also published numerous articles regarding tourism.

Constantinos has participated in mulitple seminars and hotel management workshops, in many of which he was also one of the guest speakers.
He is methodical and bases his work on teamwork. He is characterised by his precise and efficient decision making. He takes responsibility for his actions and has the courage to support his opinions. He believes in himself and his abilities. It is no coincidence that he launched his career without having the support of someone else  within the difficult field of tourism. He always insists on a perfect result and faultless service for the guests. He is distinguished by his merit and honesty.



email :: cost-ioa@otenet.gr

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