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Organizing and Supervising a Successful Hotel Opening 
(Hotel Pre-opening)

With our long history of successful hotel openings we are the perfect solution for success. We take on the full responsibility of organizing and staffing of all hotel departments and oversee all operations within the specified period.


Sales Organizing

We take on the organizing and staffing of the sales department and the reorganizing of the department should it already exist. We ensure the correct placement and promotion of the department within the tourist market in coordination with the sales department.


Organization of the Food Sales Department

We take on the responsibility of staffing and organizing the Food & Beverage Department or the reorganization if the department is already in existence. We can suggest options for the buffet presentation and menu choices. We can also design menus for any theme restaurants & a la carte restaurants you may have. Show cooking can added to your buffet area and incorporated into your menu. We can also organize the bar areas and suggest special offers.


Mystery Guest Inspection and Hotel Assessments

We organize secret visits to the hotel in order to ascertain the level of services on offer in accordance with the hotel’s protocol. We also offer customer evaluations via surveys/forms and direct questioning of clients.


Regular Hotel Checks for Assessments

We make regular checks on the hotel unit to ensure that the level of service continues at the appropriate level throughout the entire hotel staff and services offered


Creation and Implementation of Protocols

We can create and implements protocols specifically based on each hotel’s needs.


Executive Searches

Searches for Trained executives
General Managers
Assistant General Managers
Food & Beverage Managers
Executive Housekeepers 
Head Waiters
Executive Chefs
Sales Managers
Public Relations Managers


Personnel Interviews

Organizing & executing interviews


Personnel Evaluations

Personnel evaluations within their jobs


On the Job Personnel Training

Personnel Training & Continuation of Personnel training on the job.


Contacting International Hotel Chains to Incorporate your Hotel

If you are interesting in your hotel being incorporated into an International chain we can carry out all of the necessary paperwork. We are, however, unable to guarantee that your will get a positive reply. The inclusion or non-inclusion of your hotel into a chain is dependent many factors, the hotel’s size, the hotel’s location, the official hotel category, the quality and architecture of the hotel, and many other factors that we can discuss upon interest.


Environmental Policy & Actions to Obtain
The Green Key Certificate)

These days the environmental policy of a hotel is of great importance. It can enhance sales and helping the environment is our responsibility. We have the expertise to inform you of the necessary changes that need to be made to meet the requirements of the International Green Key Certification - the International certification that shows that you have taken all necessary measurements to ensure your protect the environment.



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